Who we are and what we do

Hunter Family Wealth is a business based on family values. We strive to help families achieve the goal of owning their home by paying off a mortgage as soon as they can, and also to work towards achieving the goal of a comfortable retirement. When you work with us we take on the responsibility of looking into your specific situation to identify any issues that could affect you and then present solutions to resolve those issues. If you are looking for a home loan, an investment loan, or need financial advice, then give us a call!

Financial Planning

Taking the time to map out your finances is often the last thing on your to-do list. Whether you dream of travelling or buying a new home, having a personal financial adviser can get you on track to a secure financial future. We can help you map out your goals and find ways to achieve them. Having a financial plan is not just the domain of the rich anymore. We believe everyone should know their financial situation and plan for their future.

Home Loans

Like other Mortgage brokers we are intermediaries who stand between you the borrower and a panel of lenders; our job is to understand the borrower’s financial situation and act in your best interests. We match you the borrower to a suitable loan and package the loan to the recommended lender.


Multi-award Winner

We’re passionate about what we do and are pleased to be recognised through these awards


The Home Loan challenge is simple.

Provide us with your outstanding home loan balance, your current minimum loan repayment and whether it is is monthly or fortnightly, what year you took your loan out, the estimated value of your home and we will compare your loan with our range of products.